3 Workout Motivation Rules

3 Workout Motivation Rules.No need to wimp out or lose your motivation. Get your hair up, and get some motivation right now.

3 Workout Motivation Rules

Wimping out? 

You came to get some solid workout motivation, and it's all over the internet. 

2017 has winners and haters. Your hair can get messy. Your life can become hectic. Your scale can feel like an enemy. 

But these 3 Workout Motivation Rules have created me to have motivation no matter the situation.  

If you need fresh workout motivation, then you have come to the right place. 

  1. Think about the operating table. Your doctor doesn't really feel the pain you feel about having to operate and fix parts of your body that are unhealthy. You are the only one that feels the pain of being overwhelmed with health issues. No need to fear. And don't sweep it underneath the rug. Observe it carefully and notice the signs your body gives you, and take immediate action. High blood pressure. Diabetes. Gout. Arthritis. Heart attack. Now put yourself in the emergency situation, that can improve so you don't have to be cut open!  
  2. Pretend everyone is watching and cheering you on! For the most part, you can't be down on yourself. That is what leads most to giving up. No matter how silly it seems, define your mark to be a winner. You got this. Become something better everyday simply by imagination. Run wild with it because your mind can make absolutely everything worth it. Believe. Just believe. 
  3. Treat yourself with balance in food. Feel guilty?  Why?  What did you do? Or what didn't you do?  Rewards are key instead of guilt. No need to feel like crap every time you miss a workout. Or eat an extra piece of bacon. Balance your foods on the daily. In addition, you feel like you get to eat better instead of going bananas when you get a cheat meal. Eggs for breakfast. Veggies and fish for lunch. Veggies, starches and steak for dinner and a small chocolate shake. All while getting in 20 to 30 minutes of active movement will put your body into burn mode. 

Be active. Eat well with daily treats. Imagination with cheers. And make certain pains become obsolete in your life. 

You can do this. You can succeed. Only, and when you allow it. 

You got this my friend. 

More Energy Without Stepping Into A Gym 

The gym is intense.

It's like a jungle. The lions den. The water station. The agile track athletes.

As for most, the common group is newbies.

Being a newbie can be scary and embarrassing at times.  Not knowing where to start, what to do, etc.

Distractions for newbies

  • Choosing a locker and shower experience
  • Not knowing anyone
  • Waiting on equipment
  • Not knowing how to use the equipment
  • What muscle groups to train
  • Fear of injury
  • Fear of being made fun of
  • The drive to the gym
  • More time spent at a gym, trying come up with your own workout system
  • Gym contracts and memberships
  • To many people at the gym
  • To exhausted to drive home after gym workout
  • Shower rooms can be filthy

All of these things can deplete your energy and keep you from returning to a gym and staying fit.

I'm here to help you break that without stepping a foot into a gym.

This is all done at home.

No equipment. No gym contracts. No shower rooms. No drive time.

The solution: It's Beachbody on Demand. 

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It's like the Netflix of Fitness. 

A complete digital library that gives you over $7000 in fitness training, nutrition and coaching.

All done at home!

Real super trainers that gives you a personal gym at home and nutritionist in your kitchen!

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*Results vary based on starting point and effort. Results achieved with Beachbody fitness programs and Beachbody Performance supplements.

Perks to becoming a  Beachbody On Demand Customer

  • No drive time
  • No waiting on equipment
  • No waiting in the showers
  • No embarrassing equipment failures
  • No gym contracts
  • No trainer commitments
  • Saves you massive amounts of time
  • No wait on post workout nutrition

I would love for you to see results without stepping a foot into a gym. That is my purpose, and my goal.

If you would like to try it free for 30 days, simply get the direct information right here. 

Fitness and Nutrition Help in 2017 How Can I Help You Get Success Without Entering A Gym

Help With Nutrition and Fitness in 2017

With 2017 flying by, nutrition and fitness can be difficult to obtain in 2017.

If you are needing assistance or would like information to see what our Beachbody on Demand service can do for you, let me know!

When in comes to nutrition and fitness, I get scared. Becoming bored. To feel like I'm in math class, while being tired and hungry at the same time.

I don't want to get into nutrition and fitness because I love cheeseburgers, and don't have the time or energy to do a full on workout.

So..leave me alone!

I let that rule my life all the time. Obesity has run hard for my family, and eating is only for joy and to be rushed by time.

So healthy choices only came by once in awhile.

So for me to try new foods and fitness, it was going to be hard. It was, it hurt, and it made my life....

....wait, it made my life, feel more complete.  How in the heck did workouts and eating a few extra pieces of fruit make me feel a bit better. Peanut butter and bananas are now my main sweet tooth craving, and it makes me feel full, and I don't crave ice cream nearly as much.

Except on Fridays and Saturdays.

But my energy seems to be supporting me in the morning, and my muscles seem to be tighter, and my pants are looser, and my selfie pics looks better, and overall, life just feels better.

Just from a few switches in the diet. I didn't go from cheeseburgers to green drinks.

All i did to start is a few pieces of fruit in exchange of the donuts and ice cream. And that made for an intense shock to my system.

I lost weight just from the fructose/glucose switch. I could still eat sugar, but in a more natural way. By the way, Larabars, they are freaking delicious for a healthy snack. It tastes like a candy bar!

But enough about my nutrition and fitness.

This post is about how you can do this too.

And nobody can make you do anything.

So when you are ready, come check us out FREE for 30 Days! 

Most Productive People Do These Six Things

  1. Sleeping "I only need 2 hours of sleep." Yea, that's okay once in a while, but the key is to shut the car down. Get the entire system rested and ready for the fight. You can't be prepared to fight and take on the day if your irritated and sleepy, running on stimulants to keep you up. It's not natural or productive. Rest, you have a lot of work to do!
  2. Reading Reading a book can propel your self-esteem, intelligence and personal power. In this world, there are authors that have dedicated their lives to putting as much as they can into a book so you can benefit from it. Don't ever deny what can be added to your life through a book! When you read a book, you inherit a different life!
  3. Eat At Home Eating at home is the work of the wise. Knowing exactly what goes into your body makes you incredibly powerful for the day. Besides, eating out takes so long, might have crap service, then wait for the bill. It's great for a festive time for family and friends, but 6 days a week, stick to you in full control of your food. You will see your energy and life take new levels. Just ask someone who eats fast food 4 to 5 times a week, compared to one that prepares the food and how it relates to their lifestyle. Observe to see how their time, health, and attitude is towards everyday tasks. It makes a difference.
  4. No News Want to argue about something? Check out the news!  Good chance your attitude and mindset for the day will be in the negative because news circulates and creates fear, worry and stress. Not likely you will come across inspiring news unless you have an intention to search for it on google. Your focus improves and gratitude elevates when you see what you can improve in your personal life instead of arguing about what you cannot change.
  5. No Meetings Free up your day. Use your tech. Don't schedule or do meet ups unless they have great purpose for you attitude, business, and health. It can be hours of distraction if you talk about....nothing. You know, conversations where you aren't really paying attention to them, and they arent' paying attention to you.  Make effort to not do meet ups with people who don't give you value.  Its tough, but if you want acceleration, free up you valuable time.
  6. Throw Stuff Out  Get a breath of fresh air! Your office, car/pick-up, home, your bathroom....whatever it is!  Start throwing away something that is clutter in your life. You will feel more independent and clear. Too much can create such a mess for your mind and make you feel so crowded. This will create less focus, and no happiness because you can excessive your mind to have focus and gratitude for what you have! Throw away at least 1 things a day that is clutter. Over a week, you may see less stress in life.




In A Rut

My dog (Joon) loves the snow. A forecast of 8 inches is forecasted throughout the day and into the night.

Dreaming big. Every day, nothing gets in the way.
Dreaming big. Every day, nothing gets in the way.

It's funny, Joon never seems to be upset about the weather. It could rain for days, snow for months, have clouds all week, or if it be sunshine with a light breeze.  She is always down for a going outside and breathing some fresh air.  Something that I take for granted from time to time.  Work takes it toll on my mind and body, and I have the need to shut it down for a solid day. The energy disappears. I forget where to find it!

Just by saying the words "Walk. Eat. Park", Joon finds the energy to run and jump for miles!! I thought to myself, how did years and years of evolution for a pup to have so much joy everyday?

It appears she has no stress, worry, doubt, or lack of love towards me.  She's a dog! For crying out loud, that's what dogs do!  But humans are intelligent.  Why do humans keep hurting themselves generation after generation?

For me, the emotions get in the way. I feel bad for myself. I don't want to eat bad. I don't want to neglect my time with family. Then I try to find ways to make myself happy in the fastest way possible. Still...i can't find the energy.

What about a 5 hour energy? How about a shot of whisky? How about a weekend to Las Vegas? Whatever...all of a sudden I found the energy to do things like this.  AH-HA! ...I created the energy. Wait...what?

Then why can't I create this energy everyday of my life when I need it?

I narrowed it down to a majority of my activities.  Anything from my job to hobbies.  What was taking up the majority of my day?

This is a big win and start for me. I no longer needed to keep guessing. I had a map of what I do majority of the time, and does it make me happy and fulfilled?

If the answer is yes, then things are good.

If the answer is no, I have to make a change. And the sooner the better...

Joon creates this energy everyday with words. One word. "Walk"....and she is a hyper hypo.

So what is your word?  Yea, it could be a word, or a picture, or a video, or a book.  Don't believe me?  Anyone come up to you and piss you off with just some simple words? Cut you off in traffic?  How did it effect your energy? DId you wake up? Did you get mad? Did you scream and curse? It's the energy that is created. Negatively.

Reverse engineer your process. You could get a picture of a dream spot vacation, a new home, a better job, a car, a better body, a new relationship. Anything goes as long as it creates energy for you.  Find what turns you on, and explore it. Go fo it. Be what a dog would do with words and life. It can create massive change for the better.



40th Birthday Surprise

It'll be frequent sharesof before and after stories as this an awesome opportunity to share the stories with beachbodychallenge! ・・・

Approaching his 40th b’day, Jeremiah Puget felt like his metabolism was slowing down, and his bad eating habits were catching up to him. Growing larger with each passing year, he decided to change the status quo, and The Master’s Hammer & Chisel gave him the tools to do it. In 76 days, he shed 23 lbs., and he won $500 in the @BeachbodyChallenge contest. 

He says: “The Master’s Hammer and Chisel has great routines. The workouts are fun and challenging, and the eight weeks flew by. But it is really @AutumnCalabrese’s portion-control system that made the dramatic change to my approach to fitness, and the results showed. I was so stoked on the program that I jumped right into Round Two!” #BeachbodyChallenge #daily500