#1 Secret To Force Multiply Your Lottery Winnings

#1 Secret: Force Multiply Winning The Powerball

Get the #1 SECRET to force multiply winning the powerball  and lotto strategies

What are the odds of winning the powerball?

The questions still confuse, frustrate, and limit your beliefs and before you know it, you back at square one.

Has this happened for you in the past, or even today?

Did you watch The Secret, and when you went to the casino to your favorite machine, or bought a 3 dollars scratch off and lottery ticket, only to see that you didn't win, AGAIN?!

In this post, you are finally going to get the answer to force multiply all powerball winnings in your life, including

  • Wealth
  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Work Environment
  • Past Worries and Pains

We all know what we want, no matter how greedy or selfish it appears. You get mad, sad, angry, confused, frustrated and down about life when money seems to leave your hand fast. You don't get to enjoy the abundance and security that you finally can sit back, relax, and know you can buy things without having to worry!

Myth: You aren't grateful.

How many times has this stopped you in your tracks?

Many people come across people struggling with money, and they feel bad. They feel insecure, and feel the heat of God.  You are just a mean-spirited, greedy person who only wants money to be happy.

Fact: Every single belief you have about money, even the bad beliefs. You get a powerball lottery ticket, you lose, and it leads to (I wish i could win the lottery, but it's just not my luck). And it will always be true in your life. Regardless how much you think you need it. 

Even though you want a million dollars in your bank account this year, if you currently feel guilt, worry, and feel like you will be judged for being greedy, it won't matter how much money you want, because you FEEL and BELIEVE it over having a million dollars in the bank!  The law of attraction works, but you have to calibrate it in the right areas. You use it everyday,

The law of attraction has brought you to this post. Because your brain asked the question, dreamed of results, and is now a reality.

Lotto Strategies: Force Multiply The Secret To Winning The Powerball, Health, Love, And Relationships.

Have You Watched The Movie The Secret featuring Motivational Speaker and author Joe Vitale?

Joe is going to give exactly why you haven't forced multiplied your winning with lottery, health, relationships, work environment, and all the dreams that you want in your life.

You will discover how powerful you can be with a strategy in the law of attraction, instead of just being inspired by The Secret!

Did you catch why you haven't won at the big targets in life?

How can you force multiply to winning the lottery with the one question that always lingers in your mind?

Do you only ask the question, "Why can't I win the lottery?"

That one question is the number one killer to getting any wins in life.

Flip the question, and watch your winnings change this year.

Here are the law of attraction "lotto strategies" - What will the powerball lottery winnings do for you?

Would you use part of your lottery winnings to

  • Give back to your family
  • Help your family feel safe and certain, and capitalize opportunity instead of being limited
  • Send your kids to college without doubt and debt
  • Give back to charity you care about (St. Jude's, Diabetes, Homeless Charity)
  • Build a business that fulfills a need in your environment
  • Help all the people who have helped you in tough times

Again, what will you do with that money?

Do you see how that shifts your mind, beliefs, and purpose?

Do you see how that removes the guilt and shame towards getting the wealth in your life?

Very powerful strategy to getting the money you deserve in your life!

This is why I do work in the self-help and health area. Of course it feels so great to get paid, but if feels even better when I see people I work with get healthy and wealthy too! There are so many opportunities out there for you to winning the powerball lotto!

how to win the lottery using the secret
Winning the lottery with the secret to of alignment to your dream results is the key. Mirror your results, as if already have them!
The BIG LOTTERY WIN for you can be
  • The dream job to work from home instead of having a boss
  • Seeing your kids and family happy that they have opportunity to live and have fun in life
  • Making a dream vacation happen
  • Paying off debt for good!
Homework Assignment: Get a piece of paper and a pen, and ask direct question to yourself.


  1. Who will I help when I win the money from powerball lottery?
  2. Which debt will I pay off first with my future wins?
  3. What 1 purpose will I fulfill for myself?
  4. Choose a charity will I give back too?

Do you see how it clears the fog? How specific the attraction becomes?

Don't just ask questions, but ask the right questions!

Go get your lottery! 

winning the lottery law of attraction












How to win the lottery using the secret?

You now have the answer!

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