21 day fix calories & containers guide

21 Day Fix Calories & Containers Guide

21 day fix calories & containers guide

Before: Flabby Arms, Bloated Belly, And Hard To Get Rid Of Muffin Top

After: Tight Tush, Toned Legs, And Flat Belly

How did she do it?

Solution: She followed a how to do the 21 day fix calories and containers guide that is fast and easy, with the video provided in this post.

In this video by Autumn Calabrese (creator of 21 day fix) you will get

  • Start here guide (back page for weight and measurements)
  • Start here guide (front of the page for calories calculations to show how many times to eat)
  • Container color identification (Green is vegges, purple is fruit, red is protein, yellow is carbs, blue is healthy fats, and orange is oils, seeds and nuts)
  • Eating Plan  (page 19 for start of the food list for each containers and make a grocery shopping list)
  • Tally Sheet (page 9, and make copies of it, and helps you keep track of all containers for you, plus you can also get the 21 day fix app on your smartphone)
  • Eating plan is essential for the system to work for recipes, restaurant tips, and more!
  • Portion control example to show how much food is for a single meal
  • Fixate Cookbook (101 21 day fix approved recipes)
  • That's it!

You can get the 21 Day Fix Ultimate Package Here

[Getting Started Video Guide] 21 day fix calories & containers by Autumn Calabrese

Find out more how Autumn can help with other nutrition advice here 

Create incredible meals, snacks, cocktails, and treats for you and the family with the 21 Day fix Fixate cookbook, with over 101 21 day fix approved recipes! The food list, tally sheets, and grocery list pictures are available below, and can be screenshot on your smartphone if you are on the go! All of these resources are available here for you whenever need be.

Calories, containers, and getting the nutrition figured out can seem complicated and frustrating. The images below give you the 21 day fix formulas, charts, to easy calculations of diet needs instead of just the calculator.

21 Day Fix Food List, Tally Sheet, Grocery List, And Quick Start Container Guide

21 Day Fix Calories & Containers List21 Day Fix Calories & Containers Tally Sheet21 Day Fix Calories & Containers Grocery List


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