3 Workout Motivation Rules

3 Workout Motivation Rules

Wimping out? 

You came to get some solid workout motivation, and it's all over the internet. 

2017 has winners and haters. Your hair can get messy. Your life can become hectic. Your scale can feel like an enemy. 

But these 3 Workout Motivation Rules have created me to have motivation no matter the situation.  

If you need fresh workout motivation, then you have come to the right place. 

  1. Think about the operating table. Your doctor doesn't really feel the pain you feel about having to operate and fix parts of your body that are unhealthy. You are the only one that feels the pain of being overwhelmed with health issues. No need to fear. And don't sweep it underneath the rug. Observe it carefully and notice the signs your body gives you, and take immediate action. High blood pressure. Diabetes. Gout. Arthritis. Heart attack. Now put yourself in the emergency situation, that can improve so you don't have to be cut open!  
  2. Pretend everyone is watching and cheering you on! For the most part, you can't be down on yourself. That is what leads most to giving up. No matter how silly it seems, define your mark to be a winner. You got this. Become something better everyday simply by imagination. Run wild with it because your mind can make absolutely everything worth it. Believe. Just believe. 
  3. Treat yourself with balance in food. Feel guilty?  Why?  What did you do? Or what didn't you do?  Rewards are key instead of guilt. No need to feel like crap every time you miss a workout. Or eat an extra piece of bacon. Balance your foods on the daily. In addition, you feel like you get to eat better instead of going bananas when you get a cheat meal. Eggs for breakfast. Veggies and fish for lunch. Veggies, starches and steak for dinner and a small chocolate shake. All while getting in 20 to 30 minutes of active movement will put your body into burn mode. 

Be active. Eat well with daily treats. Imagination with cheers. And make certain pains become obsolete in your life. 

You can do this. You can succeed. Only, and when you allow it. 

You got this my friend. 

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