How To Calculate Macros (The FREE & Easiest Way)

I get a lot of people to ask how to calculate macros fast and easy. And this is easier than you think it could ever be.

If you having trouble calculating macros because of a busy lifestyle, and don't want to spend much time adding and subtracting what is left for the day, then stay tuned, because this is your post!

Its pain in the ass to track food, and dig deep to macros and calories. Grabbing a sheet of paper everywhere you go. Out with friends, or in front of family, it can be embarrassing and hard to do if you forget your sheet of paper to track and see what you have left.

Do you track macros or calories? from Fitness

No need to fear my friend, because there is a solution, and it doesn't require any paper, and be tracked anywhere! At home, in the grocery store, or at your favorite restaurant!

Introducing, the MyFitnessPal App! This FREE and fast app tracks it all! If your at home, just type in your foods and search the built in library to find the foods you need to track for the day. If you have the label of the food, just point and scan! Simple and easy ways to track the food! Even when you are in a restaurant!

I used the app and also dropped 7 pounds in a 21 days, really fast. Find out more right here!

Here is an introduction to the app! Check it out!

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