Dont be afraid to go outside

Dont Be Afraid Of Going Outside

Always looking over your shoulder, afraid of who of what might be overhead, and Monday mornings.

Don't be afraid of going outside in today's world. The media are great at informing the world, but puts fear into many. This is a life of pure red fear.

Do you know of friend or family member that puts their complete radar looking for pain because the news constantly reports murders, hurricanes, stocks going down, North Korea, and whatever else is going on in the world. And that doesn't even include the dread of Monday morning, going to work.  Don't fear leaving the house. Too much is on the line and when people suck the good out this world, it's because they thrive from fear.

An active shooter gains so much attention no matter what the world is dealing with. Did people forget about North Korea for a short while when reading the news about this despicable shooter?

Of course they did. Because fear like to hop from person to person, and story to story. Allowing no rest for anyone who gives it attention.

Don't be afraid to go outside. Don't be scared of todays media. Don't ever be afraid. More on taking charge in your life in this post titled, "why should you even try anymore."

The media isn't good at reporting all the good going on in the world today. It's a valid fact to not be afraid to leave the house. 

Beautiful babies are celebrating birthdays, Puppies are running around with love to give. Couples are finding love for the first time. Students are being enjoying better opportunities.

The fear of past events keeps people scared. Don't be afraid of leaving the house day after day.

When will you give into the moment of now, instead of reading the news and leaving in fear?

Living with fear can make you sick. Go to bed scared. And worry over the smallest things.

I have linked some books to help people see how easy it is to live in the power of now instead of time traveling thoughts and staying scared. Or feeling full of anxiety that the future is based on worry.

This is no way to live. And defintiyl not a way to be feel and be healthy. You are a human BEING, not a human DOING.

Its time to live in the moment. In the now. No one can predict their day they live this earth. But people do have choice of how they feel at this very moment. The power of now.

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