Double Cheeseburgers, Little Man North Korea, And Hard Christmas Shopping

When it comes to instant gratification, I think of double cheeseburgers. While watching the Sunday night news and when North Korea will get stop putting us on edge. And in two months, HARD Christmas shopping begins. WTF.

Everything is scary.

We can't have double cheeseburgers, pizza and ice cream because it has too much salt and sugar.

Kim Jong has little man syndrome, and needs some serious attention.

And Christmas shopping is getting ready to start, and it's not even Halloween yet!

What is a great, hearty, hard-working american supposed to do when everything seems so scary?

Its getting comfortable. Being smart enough, isn't enough. I love double cheeseburgers like the next guy, but im smart enough to know it will also get me heart attack if i don't take it easy on the stress of it all. Nobody is going to stop me from having a cheeseburger and pizza from time to time. But an awareness has kicked in just enough to understand that if focused on North Korea, and getting prepped up for Christmas shopping, then being stressed out for the rest of the year is likely.

It's extremely lonely and dangerous to keep brushing through the jungle until 2018, only to get a very short time to recoup, and start over again.

That's scary.

The repeat of it all. Blll Murray in Groundhog Day. And that sucks!

Double Cheeseburgers, Little Man North Korea, And Hard Christmas Shopping

Predicting the future is easy. History repeats itself. And its only hard because we are scared not being able to have cheeseburger and ice cream, or being blown up by a nuclear bomb, and not having enough money for Christmas shopping.

Enough is enough. Let's eat the cheeseburger, pray for each other instead of worrying, and save 10 bucks a week in a jar.

That's a start. Starting is the best key to feeling better going into the rest of the year. Just start something to improve the way we feel about it. Regardless if it doesn't help or not.

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