Fitness and Nutrition Help in 2017 How Can I Help You Get Success Without Entering A Gym

With 2017 flying by, nutrition and fitness can be difficult to obtain in 2017.

If you are needing assistance or would like information to see what our Beachbody on Demand service can do for you, let me know!

To feel like I'm in math class, while being tired and hungry at the same time.

I don't want to get into nutrition and fitness because I love cheeseburgers, and don't have the time or energy to do a full on workout.

So leave me alone!

I let that rule my life all the time. Obesity has run hard for my family, and eating is only for joy and to be rushed by time.

So healthy choices only came by once in a while.

So for me to try new foods and fitness, was going to be hard. It was, it hurt, and it made my life....

....wait, it made my life, feel more complete.  How in the heck did workouts and eating a few extra pieces of fruit make me feel a bit better. Peanut butter and bananas are now my main sweet tooth craving, and it makes me feel full, and I don't crave ice cream nearly as much.

Except on Fridays and Saturdays.

But my energy seems to be supporting me in the morning, and my muscles seem to be tighter, and my pants are looser, and my self pics looks better, and overall, life just feels better.

Just from a few switches in the diet. I didn't go from cheeseburgers to green drinks.

All i did to start is a few pieces of fruit in exchange of the donuts and ice cream. And that made for an intense shock to my system.

I lost weight just from the fructose/glucose switch. I could still eat sugar, but in a more natural way. By the way, Larabars, they are freaking delicious for a healthy snack. Tastes like a candy bar!

But enough about my nutrition and fitness.

This post is about how you can do this too.

And nobody can make you do anything.

So when you are ready, come check us out FREE for 14 Days! 

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