In A Rut

My dog (Joon) loves the snow. A forecast of 8 inches is forecasted throughout the day and into the night.

Dreaming big. Every day, nothing gets in the way.
Dreaming big. Every day, nothing gets in the way.

It's funny, Joon never seems to be upset about the weather. It could rain for days, snow for months, have clouds all week, or if it be sunshine with a light breeze.  She is always down for a going outside and breathing some fresh air.  Something that I take for granted from time to time.  Work takes it toll on my mind and body, and I have the need to shut it down for a solid day. The energy disappears. I forget where to find it!

Just by saying the words "Walk. Eat. Park", Joon finds the energy to run and jump for miles!! I thought to myself, how did years and years of evolution for a pup to have so much joy everyday?

It appears she has no stress, worry, doubt, or lack of love towards me.  She's a dog! For crying out loud, that's what dogs do!  But humans are intelligent.  Why do humans keep hurting themselves generation after generation?

For me, the emotions get in the way. I feel bad for myself. I don't want to eat bad. I don't want to neglect my time with family. Then I try to find ways to make myself happy in the fastest way possible. Still...i can't find the energy.

What about a 5 hour energy? How about a shot of whisky? How about a weekend to Las Vegas? Whatever...all of a sudden I found the energy to do things like this.  AH-HA! ...I created the energy. Wait...what?

Then why can't I create this energy everyday of my life when I need it?

I narrowed it down to a majority of my activities.  Anything from my job to hobbies.  What was taking up the majority of my day?

This is a big win and start for me. I no longer needed to keep guessing. I had a map of what I do majority of the time, and does it make me happy and fulfilled?

If the answer is yes, then things are good.

If the answer is no, I have to make a change. And the sooner the better...

Joon creates this energy everyday with words. One word. "Walk"....and she is a hyper hypo.

So what is your word?  Yea, it could be a word, or a picture, or a video, or a book.  Don't believe me?  Anyone come up to you and piss you off with just some simple words? Cut you off in traffic?  How did it effect your energy? DId you wake up? Did you get mad? Did you scream and curse? It's the energy that is created. Negatively.

Reverse engineer your process. You could get a picture of a dream spot vacation, a new home, a better job, a car, a better body, a new relationship. Anything goes as long as it creates energy for you.  Find what turns you on, and explore it. Go fo it. Be what a dog would do with words and life. It can create massive change for the better.



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