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North Korea’s Ballistic Missile, Friday Night Pizza, And Kim Jongs Hair

North Korea's Ballistic Missile, Friday Night Pizza, And Kim Jongs Hair

The ballistic missile was launched on August 25th, 2017, and facts are still being gathered at this time. But...

Kim Jong is dangerously interested in making you pissed off on friday night pizza delivery, and his short sided haircut full of grease has triggered an emotion in the United States to despise this little man.

Its very apparent he wants to feel bigger than the United States, but with technology, he puts his own country at big risk!

But channeling his anger alone, he can't help but put everyone on high tension.

More from the Washington Post

Twitter reports :

Statement on latest violation of Security Council resolutions: 3 SRBM launches; no threat to U.S. territory including



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