How To Stop Getting Fatter Without Starving

How to stop getting fatter without starving.

A simple and easy process that most doctors wouldn't care to tell their patients because doctors do not know much about nutrition, or a doctor would be labeled a "nutritionist."

Cutting out food is scary.

Here are some foods that are difficult to cut when dieting.

  • Pizza
  • Tacos
  • Ice Cream
  • Burgers
  • Donuts
  • Cake
  • Candy
  • Chips
  • Frozen Dinners
  • Cheesecake
  • Bagels
  • Fast Foods
  • Fried Chicken
  • Any Pasta Dish

You don't have to stop eating a lot of food. 

Do you know about volume foods?

Volume foods are foods that are healthy foods, that cover a wide space on your plate when eat. And you can do this for all meals of your day, without cutting out some of the unhealthy foods.

Volume foods comparisons

  • Spinach-instead of rice or chips, keep the nacho toppings
  • Sweet Potatoes-instead of low quality toast, still eggs cheesy eggs More on sweet potatoes here
  • broccoli use it with bbq chicken instead of fries
  • Cauliflower-instead of baked potatoes, still use sour cream and chives
  • Cabbage-instead of hash browns, still use butter
  • Beets-instead of fried potatoes still eat with protein however you like
  • Veggie Salad-instead of chicken wings, keep the pizza

Its a great way to stop eating so much. Volume foods are exchanged in place of high calorie foods, without getting rid of your main course. Salad with the pizza cuts out lots of calories and keeps calories lower, instead of chicken wings that can be up to 120 calories each wing!

Eating for health doesn't mean you have to starve. It means you have to replace a few foods, without making it a extreme struggle.

Now way is someone going to just eat kale salads from now on, and not eat pizza!

Keep your favorite food with you, but change out what is with it. No more burgers with fries. Do burgers and salad, or carrot sticks, and keep the ranch!

If you only eat veggies, you be tempted to eat out the garbage because food unhealthy portions will be at every corner!

The birthday party, holidays, weekends and out with the friends is a part of life. Figure out how to keep the main course, and make simple switches with volume foods, and get a better health without so much suffering!

How to stop eating so much.

I'd rather be nailed to the cross, that have to eat carrot sticks all day for the rest of my life. Looking in the mirror at it screaming back at me "STOP EATING SO MUCH!" Yea, sad way to live. I don't want to pop pills and make my heart explode from the weird chemicals. Or feel dizzy from all the sugar rushes to my brain from weird energy drink to help burn calories. Its a form of drugs!

Stay clear of the crappy stuff. Eat volume foods, and burn extra energy with some low impact training like walking or doing some house work.

Simple fixes give back huge health benefits, and give you better confidence, without having to starve!


How To Stop Getting Fatter Without Starving
Article Name
How To Stop Getting Fatter Without Starving
Learn to stop getting fatter without starving. Simple foods switches while still keeping the pizza.

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