Toys R Us Bankruptcy

Toys R Us Plans Bankruptcy, And The Mammoth Called Amazon

Toys R Us Plans Bankruptcy, And The Mammoth Called Amazon is a huge topic of conversation, and your opinion matters, because you are the market, and what the market wants, the market gets.

The largest toy chain company is rumored to filing for bankruptcy as early as this week, and some say the giant mammoth company making others a bit scared of future sales is Amazon.

Amazon recently has absorbed one of the biggest organic grocery stores in the country, Whole Foods, and will continue to take on other competition like Kroger, and smaller grocers as Trader Joes. Many have speculated that Amazons biggest goal is to absorb most of the market, but only time will tell. But as the past years have proven, Amazon is becoming bigger and better each year.

Toys R Us Bankruptcy and the mammoth amazon The Holidays, Toy Deals, And Getting The Hottest Products Delivered To Your Door

Amazon has a trick up their sleeve.

To deliver you the best products right to your doorstep! Products such as smart tv, toys, cameras, clothes, and food, without having to battle traffic, time, and other people at the store.

Toys R Us has a difficult time competing with delivery and accessibility like Amazon does to the market.

Consumers have tough schedules to battle, and when the holidays, birthdays, and gift ideas approach, consumers feel the need to take a break if they have to make pick up the kids, deal with traffic, deal with the weather, and have gifts ready in time with all the hassle.

Amazon is a personal assistant without having to hire a personal assistant!

But it's also been known that consumers love to walk along the store, look and feel the toys, so they know exactly what it feels like to have the gift without the anticipation of waiting to see what it really looks like, or if it is shipped in time. or shows up broken while shipped.

The battle continues with big businesses and consumers, but as of right now. Amazon is absorbing big parts of the market, and isn't slowing down.

Time and money are the biggest obstacles for many consumers. Winning the lottery is far-fetched for everyone to have, but would solve a lot of time and money struggles. Find out more on lottery winnings and manifesting to win right here. 

Amazon has even created is sports line and broadcasted the 2017 Mr. Olympia competition (pictured below) for FREE for current amazon video and prime subscribers. Creating massive buzz in the body building area, and beginning to shake others in the nutrition industry.

If it be toys, organic bananas, t-shirts, or body building shows, Amazon is sure to make an appearance to consumers, and to warn other big companies that Amazon isn't going anywhere, anytime soon!  Currently, the market demands the products faster. and making it accessible and easy like getting a hot and fresh pizza to your door in 30 minutes or less! No doubt other companies are going to struggle in the market! Toys R Us is a mammoth chain and for it to file for bankruptcy shows how the fast and demanding the market is, and how companies have to adapt to it.

toys r us bankruptcy and the mammoth called amazon


You won't have to battle getting up at 3:00 am to camp in front of Wal-Mart or Toys R Us if Amazon lets you order it fast from your smart phone.

Again, time and money are the biggest battles for the consumer, and if anything eliminates you from almost being killed and trampled by crazy buyers shoving so they can grab the Playstation games before you, then so be it, because consumers are tired. And want to sleep the day after Thanksgiving, and don't want to battle the cold weather and traffic. Most consumers would rather go to AMC movie theaters and have fun to get out of the house than being exhausted by the traffic and people waiting in line for a special "hottest buy of year" sale.

If it be the newest game console, or just a t-shirt, consumers are becoming smarter with their time and shopping, and Amazon seems to be the best answer yet. As for Toys R Us, they might be able to get through this if they catch up with the markets needs, and the consumers wishes. Let's hope they can!

Toys R Us Bankruptcy and the Mammoth Called Amazon
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Toys R Us Bankruptcy and the Mammoth Called Amazon
Biggest toy chain is rumored to file for bankruptcy this week

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